Wintershall Dea Russia production site Novy Urengoy
Wintershall Dea Russia production site Novy Urengoy
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Wintershall Dea is successfully working with Russian partners in Western Siberia and southern Russia. A special partnership for more than 25 years.

Wintershall Dea Map Russia
Wintershall Dea Map Russia
Baltic Sea
Winterhall Dea St Petersburg Head Office
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Head Office in Russia

The office in Saint Petersburg is the headquarters for Wintershall Dea’s activities in Russia.

Wintershall Dea Nord Stream Pipeline Construction
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Energy for Europe

Nord Stream transports natural gas from Russia to Europe and covers the annual energy needs of 26 million households.

Wintershall Dea Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Construction
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The Next Milestone

Nord Stream 2 secures Europe’s energy supply. It will also help achieve the European Union’s climate goals.

Wintershall Dea Russia Achimgaz Sunrise
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Discovering New Horizons

Achim Development is Wintershall Dea’s latest project in Siberia and will raise its gas production in Russia to a new level.

Wintershall Dea Russia Achimov Formation Siberia
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Pioneering Work in Siberia

The Achimgaz joint venture is a prime example of successful German-Russian cooperation that is facing up to the technological challenges.

Yuzhno Russkoye plant Novy Urengoy
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Taking the next step

The Yuzhno-Russkoye field has constantly supplied an annual volume of around 25 billion cubic metres of natural gas. To keep production at this level, the joint venture is developing the next layer of the challenging reservoir.

Southern Russia
Wintershall Dea production Site Volgodeminoil
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A Long-Standing Partnership

The Wolgodeminoil joint venture has been producing oil and natural gas in the Volgograd region for more than 25 years.