SPIGF 2019 Enabling substantive dialogue between industry leaders

The St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF) brought together top managers, experts and stakeholders of the gas industry. Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Mehren and board member Thilo Wieland joined colleagues from the Business Unit Russia and took part in an extensive program of meetings, presentations and panel discussions.

SPIGF 2019 Russia  Wintershall Dea
SPIGF 2019 Wintershall Dea
Wintershall Dea

This year’s Gas Forum in St. Petersburg has set new records: more than 30,000 visitors from 55 countries, 535 exhibits and more than 5,500 delegates gathered on the banks of the Neva to discuss most relevant issues and strategic prospects of the gas industry as well as share their expertise and present innovative achievements.

On behalf of Wintershall Dea’s management team, CEO Mario Mehren, Thilo Wieland, the Executive Board member responsible for Russia and Torsten Murin, Managing Director Wintershall Dea Russia, took part in the International Gas Forum.

Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Mehren and Thilo Wieland
Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Mehren and Thilo Wieland

Wintershall Dea board member Thilo Wieland and Wintershall Dea CEO Mario Mehren (from the left) at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

Wintershall Dea/Georgy Pavlovsky

For the first time, Wintershall Dea contributed to the Forum not only as a participant but also as a partner, presenting the newly merged company with its own exhibition stand. Wintershall Dea showcased its Russian projects and activities from all over the world and held expert talks on technological innovation, digitalization and high standards which build the cornerstone of the company’s operations.

At the plenary session of the Forum on 3 October 2019, Mario Mehren underlined the importance of strategic partnerships in the energy sector.

We want to make the natural gas industry fit for the future, a diverse and carbon-free natural gas future that includes blue and green gas. How do we achieve this? Through partnership. It’s the basic principle that can guide us forward in a complex world.

Mario Mehren

At the Forum, Wintershall Dea and Gazprom Nedra signed a cooperation agreement, which has become a new important step in the trusted partnership with Gazprom going back almost 30 years.

Our multifaceted collaboration with Gazprom has developed over the years into a successful model for German-Russian cooperation.

Thilo Wieland
Member of the Board, responsible for Russia

A socially responsible partner

Wintershall Dea takes its role as a socially responsible partner seriously. As a sign of the company’s commitment to promoting and supporting young talent, Torsten Murin took part as a jury member in the award ceremony of “A Glance into the Future”, an international competition for young scientists co-sponsored by Wintershall Dea.

Wintershall Dea Torsten Murin
Wintershall Dea Torsten Murin

Torsten Murin, Managing Director of Wintershall Dea Russia, at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

Wintershall Dea/Georgy Pavlovsky
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