Patent granted: Severneftegazprom develops new method for Turonian drilling

Severneftegazprom develops new method for Turonian drilling
Severneftegazprom develops new method for Turonian drilling
Wintershall Dea/Anton Kositsyn

Severneftegazprom, a joint venture of Gazprom, Wintershall Dea and OMV, has developed its own method for gas production from Turonian deposits. The new technology is an important step in developing the complex Turonian formations of the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil, gas and condensate field in Western Siberia and one of the key production development milestones for Wintershall Dea in Russia for Wintershall Dea in Russia. After a comprehensive examination by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), the method has now been patented and Severneftegazprom has received the patent certificate.

"The team of Severneftegazprom has once again proved that it can successfully implement even complex projects through innovative technological approaches, their pioneering spirit and outstanding engineering skills. Their experience in developing the geologically challenging Turonian formations and their unique know-how is reflected in the new patent. This is a success of the team that we can all be proud of“ emphasises Thilo Wieland, Member of the Board of Wintershall Dea responsible for Russia.

Having reached plateau production from the Cenomanian layer of the reservoir in 2009, the joint venture embarked on the next challenge: Severneftegazprom became the first company in Russia to drill the first test wells for gas production from the hard-to-recover Turonian deposits. In 2020, the first clusters of Turonian wells came on stream as part of the Full Field Development.

Due to the low permeability of the porous sedimentary rock, the extraction of Turonian gas requires state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated engineering. The extraction technique developed by Severneftegazprom combines different methods and technologies in a new way. What makes this method unique is that the horizontal drilling is oriented along the minimum stresses. This forms a system of parallel fractures aligned with the natural fracture lines. The patented technology is already being used successfully in production and has proved its efficiency. The development of the Turonian deposits will make it possible to continue to maintain plateau production at the Yuzhno-Russkoye field.

Over 120 new Turonian wells are planned to be drilled between 2020 and 2033. With an annual production volume of around 25 billion cubic metres of natural gas, the Yuzhno-Russkoye field makes an important contribution to European supply security by providing a resource base for gas deliveries to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline.

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