EU should make Russia a hydrogen partner

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“It’s regrettable that Russia is not mentioned as a potential partner in the new EU Hydrogen Strategy,” says Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK). “To include Russia as a proven energy partner for hydrogen as a sunrise technology is in the interest of the economy and consumers who need low energy prices. At the beginning of July, the AHK pleaded in a position paper for the speedy establishment and expansion of the German-Russian hydrogen partnership, which had been announced by Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier, and Russia’s Minister for Industry and Trade, Denis Manturow, in Berlin in February.”

On 8 July, the European Union presented its EU Hydrogen Strategy for a climate-neutral future by 2050. This also stresses the importance of international partnerships with non-EU countries. However, Russia, which has supplied energy to Europe for decades, is not mentioned.

“A functioning and resilient hydrogen market in Europe requires reliable partnerships and dependable energy suppliers. Hydrogen cannot be produced competitively or in sufficient quantities from renewables alone,” says Torsten Murin, Managing Director for Russia at Wintershall Dea, Europe's leading independent gas and oil producer, and responsible for energy on the Board of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK). “Moreover, the plans should be implemented in a way that is open to all technological options: blue and turquoise hydrogen from natural gas can accelerate the urgently needed market ramp-up. Russia can make an important contribution here. This will ultimately also benefit green hydrogen from renewables.”

The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Abroad represents German companies in Russia and Russian companies in Germany. With around 900 member companies, the AHK is the largest foreign trade association in Russia. 4,274 companies with German capital investment are currently active in the Russian market. In 2019, German direct investments into Russia amounted to approximately 2.1 billion euros.

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